On hugging atheists

In my previous two posts, I described research showing that (a) there is a lot of prejudice against atheists, and (b) this prejudice may be reduced by increasing the visibility of atheists.

This leads me to Sylvia Broeckx’s documentary film Hug An Atheist. This film is an attempt to portray the lives and struggles of people who have come out as atheists.

Hug an atheist is not setting out to ignore the problems and challenges people face, but the project aims to highlight the positives: how atheists too have emotions, love, morals,… By featuring regular people going through some key moments in life (such as marriage, grief, celebrations, …) , the project aims to show how atheists are more alike than religious people might think. Hopefully this might contribute towards a society where one doesn’t have to be afraid to say they are not religious.

The film has not been made yet. Sylvia is hoping to raise $27,000 through her indiegogo campaign. She has already raised over $4000, and has 40 days left to raise the remainder. If this is a film you would like to see, go ahead and make a donation. The impact could be very important. As discussed previously, a sense of the prevalence of this outgroup may go a long way towards reducing prejudice against atheists.


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