Does feminism have an excluded middle?

Rebecca Watson recently posted a summary of her life in the skeptical/atheist community on Slate. The comments left in response by readers are, sadly, not surprising. The discussion on Slate is not that different from the discussions that have been taking place in the atheist zone of the blogosphere for the past 16 months.

Broadly, people (whether on Slate or elsewhere) agree or disagree with Rebecca’s position. Those who agree that sexism exists and is a problem make a fairly straightforward argument. However, those that disagree seem to be a more diverse bunch. There are certainly some who are happy to present as sexists or even misogynists; they may or may not be trolls. If they are trolls, according to one argument, they can be ignored. I’m not convinced. If they are not trolls then there is clearly a problem – one that is easily expressed: Some people are sexists.

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My time machine worked!

Excellent news! The time machine that I built yesterday, September 9th 2012, has worked! Here I am in the “future” of October 28th. I wonder whether I will be able to blend in? I hope so: the world of the future (late October) seems very similar to my world (early September). Whilst my science-fiction-like escapade promises immense breakthroughs for the world of physics, there is a downside. I was not able to write anything for this blog in the period that passed slowly for you but passed in a subjective instant for me. I hope to remedy this soon.

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